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Keyboard/Synth bass suggestions - be nice!


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n Bass Player magazine a while back (I can't find the issue) they talked about bass parts being played on a synth. I think it was when No Doubts last CD came out and there were a number of synth bass lines.


A new band I may be playing in has a couple tunes that I think a synth bass would sound cool, and authentic. One is a Sting tune (A Thousand Years) that is very heavily synth'ed - if that is a word. Another is Don't Cry by Seal. Again, lots of synth and cool key pads.


Do any of you have any experience with this? What keyboard/synth has good "bass- type" sounds.

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There's actually more synth bass lines than you think right now. Many R&B bass players are using keyboard bass because it can produce a smoother and more consistant tone. It also really helpful in recording. You can always get the perfect tone and if your recording digitaly then it's straight digital/midi to digital recording (perfect every time) I use a Korg Triton LE in some of our songe with electronic break sections. there is a million different keyboards out there you can use. just look for one with sampling capability and total sound shaping ability. you also need a newer model because the programs and technology are advancing very fast so you need something that will keep up. Sorry i can't provide you with any names of specific boards.
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I have Kork Karma that i absolutely adore! not just for bass sounds- i actually hardly use it for that, but because it is a great songwriting tool and source of inspiration with a miilion grooves and ideas. But if you want those sounds from a bass , the Roland V Bass is awesome- you can get cool synths sound, mix them with YOUR Bass and theres no tracking delay whatsoever-

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it depends on what sound you are looking for but my friend has a boss bass synth and he has no complaints about it and only around $240 in stead of the 1000 for v-bass i have the digitech synth WARNING: DO NOT GET IT it do not think it has half the controls it should


hope i helped

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