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TI Jazz Roundwound users


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Do you find that you have to stretch these strings out more than any others you have used? I have put a set on this evening and I've stretched them out much more than the DR Fatbeams, Dean Markley Blue Steels or any other string I have ever played.


Is this just due to the fact that they are much lighter in gauge (in particular the low strings) than my previous sets? The TIs have followed three sets of DR Marcus Miller Fa Beams.

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It took me a while to get my neck to settle in when I put a set on. the reduced tension played havoc, and I didn't have a tool to loosen the truss rod. By the time I got to a friend's music store and got the neck right, everything pretty well settled down.


I love what they've done for my EB3.




Acoustic Color


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