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Tube Testing???


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I've been looking around at different sources for tubes. My question is, when you're trying to buy tubes that may be older or out of production, how do you know the good from the bad? I've seen some where they post testing numbers such as 1800 or 1900, or 100/100 or 56/56 but these really don't mean anything to me. What do these numbers mean and what are good numbers for a tube? Thanks,



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Hi Dave,


There's a fella named Myles Rose, who moderates the guitar forum here. He's an employee of the Groove Tubes company. Also, he has a site which is very informative when it comes to the use of tubes in guitar amps (though a lot of that info would be useful to a bassist as well).


Check out his site , and after reading through some of that, he's got a great tube primer that you can download in PDF format. Naturally, some of the products pointed out in that document are from Groove tubes, but the info certainly applies to most tube guitar and bass amps.


Welcome to the forums. :)

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