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Let the Gas pains begin!!!!! Quest for a new Rig!!


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Well I'm going to retire my old rig. It has faithfully served me and has never let me down but I want to get better, more flexible if you will.


Currently I push 200W RMS 4 ohms, and I've carried the bigger rooms. I can turn down enough to carry the smaller ones but my big bulky rig is hard to get in and out of the smaller rooms.


Right now I'm thinking that the SWR Working man's 2004 full stack is the perfect fit. It's 200W 4 ohms and I don't have to bring the full stack to the smaller gigs. It has a 2x10 and a 1x15 to take care of pushing out gooey groovy goodness.


This is my plan so far. It might take some more gigging to get there though. Just for the sake of trying other vendors I'm scouting Ampeg, Hartke, and GK for simular products.


Just thought I'd share my gas pains with you. This is one of the few places that I can come where peoples will understand and commiserate.

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So you think we'll understand do you. You're telling me that you are shopping for a new rig. I need an amp badly and I don't have the money, so I have to live through your search. Yeah sure.


OK - I'm done busting your chops. Best of luck, and definitely share all of your shopping trips (like Willie did). We will watch and learn...


Have fun :wave:




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