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Tom Barney & Steely Dan = just goes to show

Joel Wilson

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Just got back from the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, Calif. Caught Steely Dan and enjoyed it immensely. 3-4 songs from the new CD, then a couple of hours of the classics. Fagan was sardonic as ever, Becker was too cool (even sang lead on a tune), the horns swung so hard they were tight as dyn-o-mite. The drummer Keith Carlock (sp?) well words fall short in describing this mother; wheres he been hiding hisself? That dude is one bad mutha f. (hey, Im just talking bout Carlock)! Even the three soulful, sexy sisters doing back-up vocals were sounding and looking hot.


Okay, so where was Tom Barney? Not a single solo, not a ray of spotlight, not a nothing. The man was too busy having fun and just holding it all together to be bothered with all the hoopla. It was as if his firm grasp of what was happening, allowed the afore mentioned members to let it all go. Dat man Tom Barney is a pro from word go. Does my heart good to see a bassist that brings it for all the right reasons.

"Arf", she said.
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How cool! It must have been great to see Steely Dan, especially with Tom Barney.


I've only seen him on video ("Two Against Nature"), but he does indeed look 100% pro for just the reason you say. Keeps a solid, tight groove that just moves, & as a result the whole band comes right together.


I've decided one of the greatest signs of a real musician is the willingness & ability to be a team player. I've seen people do exactly the opposite of what it's so obvious the rest of the band needs, just because they insist on doing "their thing." Some people even get in a snit if you ask them to play support. I wish they'd just stay home.


Be like Barney! :thu:

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It's great to hear that Tom Barney is on the road with SD but where was he when they needed him in the studio for "Everything Must Go"?


I'm seeing them at the end of August, but I still don't like the latest album. I hope the new songs are better live.

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If you go to a Steely Dan show expecting a bass solo, then I'm afraid you just don't understand. :confused:


Got the new MD with Carlock on the cover - he's a country boy from Mississippi. :thu: So, did he tear "Aja" all to pieces?

"I had to have something, and it wasn't there. I couldn't go down the street and buy it, so I built it."


Les Paul

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Yeah, Carlock's been playing in Wayne Krantz's trio for several years now. Fantastic drummer, glad he's getting visibility.


As a side note, when the Dan did their first tour (the one before Two Against Nature, Krantz was playing guitar with them.


Check out Krantz if you've never heard him. His new double CD is not very interesting but the previous two, Greenwich Mean and especially Two Drink Minimum are fantastic.


Tom Barney is Bob Cranshaw's son? Did I read right?

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