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Question about bass amps and digital stage piano's


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I was wondering if it is possible or recomended against running any kind of keyboard through my bass amp and cab(SWR workingman's 300 and peavey 4x10).


I am considering buying some sort of keyboard but don't have a PA or anything to run it through. I wouldn't really care if the keyboard didn;t necessarily sound good through the amnp(since it would be a temporary thing), but i would care if it was going to damage my amp.


any help is appreciated.

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Keyboards will work fine through a bass amp.


You may need to fiddle with the tone controls to keep it from sounding too bassy, but you can't do any harm to anything unless you are going to play synth bass on the keyboard and want to blast out notes an octave lower than your bass goes.

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I happened to have my rig when I went to see a keyboard friend of mine. His old Polytone (yep - bass amp) died out, and he used my awful Carvin guitar head and my Berg 12. He sounded great !!


Nowadays the cabs are great quality and full range. Jim B said that a pair of his 12's were used as PA mains by a customer one night, and did fine.




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