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A great expirience!!!!!


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O.K 2 weeks ago I went to the dream theatre show in cincinnati,and was it one of the best things to expirence live.


When they first came out it was like a new beggining in life it was great!Patrucci locked eyes with me 40 times counting with my friends,but it was unbeliveable to see these musicans playing that technical music.


As the whole show was going on,I was studying them noticing the stuff they were plating how well they played and etc.exspecially John Muyng he's the most technical bassist I've heard by far and the whole band together as far as that goes.

Getting to see those beyond my mind solo's was incredible!


And the performance from Mike POrtnoy,oh god what a drumset, the "simease monster" and could he play them mothers too!


And Rhudess best pianist for that style and the band he has to keep up with,amzing!


You would have ha d to been there to see what great talent.

Pete Combs...
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I just saw the Detroit show a few days ago. Seven dollar beers aside, the show was incredible. It so happens that all three bands, Fates Warning, Queensryche, and DT are personal favorites of mine. No matter what I'm expecting, DT always blows me away and Queensryche was just as incredible- the political message of their show was delivered in an entertaining way that didn't seem propogandistic like many bands who attempt to deliver a message through their music. Fates', as always, played a great set that nobody quite understood but I wished they played longer. at the risk of sounding juvenile, Greatest Show Ever!
...think funky thoughts... :freak:
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