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aguilar on eden

Helge Lund

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What is this panel's opinion about this setup:

Aguilar DB 359 (200w) feeding an Eden 210 xlt speaker. Will it give enough punch and cut-through in a blues/funk band?

I.e., is this a good setup?

The band is using a PA-system in small venues.



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I would think so for two reasons:


1. That Aguilar head is an all-tube head, and tube amps tend to sound louder than solid state amps. So even though 200W into the Eden would probably be loud enough, the fact that the head is all-tube means that it will seem even louder.


2. You also have a PA for additional support.


Best thing to do, if possible, is to find out if you can test the rig at a gig or at least at a rehearsal before you actually buy it.



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