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Epifani Ultra Light - Any experiences?


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Hey LDV, I tried to return your PM but the site said you weren't accepting PM's. I used to have a non-UL Epi 310. My first reaction when I heard my new 310UL was that I didn't remember the older one sounding this good. Now that could be because it had been awhile since I had the older one but I REALLY love the sound of this cab. The UL is 1" deeper than the non-UL which may compensate for whatever is lost with the lighter construction. I'm happy with the low end but I've always gone for note definition rather than earthshaking,club rumbling bass. I would imagine the 410UL would give you more low end beef but,as I said,I'm very content. This is my last cabinet. It's light as a feather,sounds great,handles up to 700 watts! What more could you want?
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thanks for the input...I really want to try one of these...may have to go to LA to find one. Bassalone (San Diego) has been telling me that they are getting one, but it has been months. My other option is two 112's
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Yes, the UL's are great sounding! And being able to carry the 410 with one hand...... what else do you need!


Nick made them a hair larger to compensate for the lowend lost from the cast frame series. The UL's sound amazing with out a doubt and sooner or later you will see other companies moving that way once they find a speaker company to make great sounding speakers like Nick did.


If you have any question about them your welcome to e-mail me.






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