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New Scott Thunes Music...


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Okay, it's actually a collaboration between Scott Thunes and his high school buddy Geoff Wolf. The album is called "In Rememberance". Pretty cool stuff.


Very, very catchy. I could listen to this stuff all day. The stuff has a surfy, ventures quality to it.


Scott Thunes' Punk-approved, harmonically aware P-Bass virtuosity is on display throughout.


It's only available as free mp3 downloads on Scott Thunes\' webpage.


For the unititiated, Scott Thunes is the brilliant bassist who played in Frank Zappa's 80's-era bands, including the '88 juggernaut that he was the "Clonemeister" (or MD) for. That band also included Mike Keneally, the Fowler Brothers, Chad Wackerman, and Ed Mann.


After Zappa, he played with Steve Vai, Z, and Fear.


He plays with the attitude of the great punk bassists (slammin' his P-Bass with a pick), coupled with the knowledge and musicality of a guy who has a thorough understanding of 19th and 20th Century classical music. Wild and very cool to listen to.


He's been "out of rok" for a while now, but he put this record together a while ago and finally posted the samples. I think they sound great.

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I have been playing the Thunes stuff all day and I am digging it. I was thinking of covering a couple of those tunes in a power trio that I am going to evenually work with.


(I say eventually because our gig schedules are all conflicting but we have already managed to record one bad ass cd.)

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Stories about Scott Thunes' "caustic personality" are well documented. Do a google search on his name to find them.


I've read pretty much everyone's "side" of why the '88 band broke up. You can pretty much chalk it up to Ed Mann and Scott Thunes not seeing eye to eye on how the band should have been run. The rest of the band became divided into two camps which created enough inner termoil to cause Frank to stop the tour.


Whether it was Ed Mann's or Scott Thunes' "fault" isn't really for any of us to say, and has been discussed to death in other forums.


They've both publicly reconciled with each other, and Scott seems very happy working in the software industry and doing his own musical projects on the side with no pressure.


I'll rather listen to "Make a Jazz Noise Here" or "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" and concentrate on how amazing that band sounded while it lasted, rather than how it broke up.

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