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Extension Speaker from low-wattage combo


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One of my current amps is a Crate BX-25. I have lent the other Crate (100 watts) to a friend and he wont return it.


I have a Bar Mitzvah to play at next week, and would like to rent some gear to use at it. My budget is low, and I was thinking about linking up my BX-25 to a larger, more powerful 4-ohm cabinet, hopefully increasing my volume. THis way, I dont have to rent a head, too.


I know the sound won't be great, but should this work (Crate says yes), as well as any other alternatives / suggestions?

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I also have the CRate BX-100 and I like it for practice.I called Crate and they were very responsive.The extension will work but probaly only another 20+ watts.Get back the 100 watter!!(IMHO)If you are not persistent you will loose your gear.Tell your folks or the police. :wave:
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