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Fender MIJ's sounding better than their American counterparts in the 90's?

Iceman Irwin

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I recently made a hit on web site claiming that Fender slightly ceased production of their MIJ line of guitars and basses during the early 90's. Claims were made that the MIJ's sounded closer to pre-CBS products coz they reproduced more classic twang than their American counterparts.

Is there some truth to this?


what do Japanese basses have that the American-made ones don't have?

Are these a big deal with regards to sound?

If Jaco's bass sound farts, please forgive me for doing it always!



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Yep. Sounds like some kinda weird rumor thing to me.



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given that fender japan is a semi-autonomous company, i could see how they were able to craft better instruments than their american counterpart.


i've heard many people state their preference for 80s japanese basses over their american counterparts in terms of sound and build quality. i've never heard it said, however, that they were more like pre-CBS fender basses.



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Don't know, but yeah, that sounds like hokum to me, too.


But I will say that I really like my MIJ Jazz bass--which I chose over its US counterpart (same year reissue) on the basis of performance, and paid half the dough.

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