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Anyone getting the "flood protection" screen?

Mr M Pulsive

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Anyone else gotten the "flood protection" message when trying to reply to a post since the maintenance last night?


I'm not spamming, in fact it's happened twice today.. after an hour or so of not posting at all, each time. If I copy my text, back out completely, come back, hit "reply" & paste text, and "post reply" again, it seems to go through.




...simply stating.
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Looks like quirks as a result of the changes last night; I also got a CGI message that temporarily prevented one of my earlier posts.


Both incidents have been reported to the guys holding the reins, so I'm sure they're working on getting things back to normal.

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Hey Pete,


Tell us how you really feel! :D;)


By the way, I'd like to hear about your Dream Theater experience if you've got it in you to try to post again. :thu:


Yup, the ol' "control+C" option is a great one for long posts. Saved me from disappointment more than once!


Thanks, Bob, for checking into this and getting the techies involved. :thu:





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Originally posted by Mr M Pulsive:

Good deal, Bob. Just wanted to make sure that someone was aware of it... and make sure it wasn't just me. :)


[edit] just got it again.. doh


Actually, that is just you, Mr M Pulsive. ;)


I alerted Dendy this morning, but I think this is a forum wide "funnel". Otherwise, it's my completely uneducated guess that if enough other members are posting at once, it shuts the gate for the anyone else until those posts are processed. I base this on the fact I can find no logic in when it allows my posts directly or flood protect stops them. Someone also mentioned, elsewhere, that you can continue to hit reload on your browser until it goes through, so waiting 30 seconds is not necessary. ;)


Hope this helps, in the interim, until the admin's turn it off or raise the number of simultaneous posts. (Assuming I'm correct about the problem.)

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