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UK buyer buying equipment in US


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I've sourced a Sansamp RBI in the US at a good price. It compares favourably with UK prices even with shipping.


Couple of things I'm not sure about:


1 does anyone know if I'll just be able to plug into UK mains or would I need an adaptor?


2 Whats the duty/VAT position? How likely are Customs to impose duty on a single item being bought in like this?

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you'd be better off buying it domestically for two reasons:


the first you already figured out, which is that in the US, we're 120V/60Hz, which would require a transformer and hassle.


the second is that if you ever have any issues with it, who is responsible for service. in the UK, i believe, there are enough consumer protection laws that your purchase will be supported by the government. if you bought here, you will not get such benefits.


how much effort is a few quid of savings worth to you? perhaps opening a relationship with a local dealer, or at least a domestic dealer, will be worth your money in the long term, even if it turns out to be £10 - £20 more now.


the more money you spend with a single store, the more they will know, trust, understand, and support you. that sort of service is far more valuable than a few quid today. if the store is local, or at least domestic, you'll be more likely to take all of your gear needs to them, and they will be more likely to accomodate you.


think about it. i'm sure you'll understand where the value lies.



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Robb its less simple than that.


1. I don't live within reasonable distance of a local store.


2. The price differential is more substantial than that - I'd save about £115 even with shipping (more than a third of the UK price).


3. I feel I've recently learned a hard lesson in buying equipment based on reviews, chatroom discusion etc - I bought some equipment a year ago that turned out not to meet my needs, and will lose quite a bit of money in the process of replacing it. One reason is that I need to order stuff by mail - I can't try it out (ok I could take a few-hundred-mile trip but that's time consuming and expensive and a try-out in a shop is very different from trying things out in a real situation).


I've never heard the Sansamp (or any other pre-amp come to that) so it's all trial and error. It's a form of insurance to buy stuff at a price close to what I could re-sell it for if I don't like it - either second hand or, as in this case, at a big discount. If I KNEW the Sansamp was what I wanted I'd not hesitate to buy it locally, I just want to avoid adding something to the list of gear I'm trying to sell at a substantial loss.

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I looked at the RBI's back panel diagram on the Tech21 site, and I cannot find the power socket. If it is powered by a "wall wart", it may simply be a matter of replacing that one piece. Otherwise, you are looking at the hassle of a step up transformer.

"For instance" is not proof.


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