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stereo jack solder posts


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Hey folks. I'm very new here (like yesterday new), and you guys seem well informed so I hoped you knew the answer to my question.


I'm replacing the pots and jack in my bass (with EMG pickups), and I have the wiring diagrams, so wiring the pots shouldn't be a problem. The jack, however, is another story.


It's a stereo jack that looks something (well, remotely) like this:


Each post is a different length, and it looks like the largest is connected to the outside sleeve. Beyond that, I know nothing. I don't know which wire to solder to which post. :(


Here's relevant wiring stuff from the diagram:


I hope some of you can help me out!

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I saw your post the other day. The jack shown in the wiring diagram looks odd, at least to an amateur electrician. I had hoped someone else would step up, but I guess no one is certain which is which. :confused:


I'm not even sure which lead on the battery goes to + and which to - . I think you'll have to go back to EMG for an explanation, unless you know a luthier with experience wiring this setup. My first inclination was that the tab for each of the tip and ring contacts was next to it's contact. But the more I look at it, I'm wondering if they put the contacts opposite the associated tab. :confused::mad:


Not a very good diagram, IMO. Am I missing something, either on the exhibited diagram or somewhere else on the page?

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The one I have on hand like that:


Longest is ground

Medium is ring

Shortest is tip


Based on the diagram with the regular jack, and on every jack-switched bass I've ever seen or wired, the connection to the battery goes to the ring (Medium length ring connector).


This way, when a regular mono plug is inserted, the ring connection is shorted to ground, which completes the circuit and turns the preamp on.

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Hey guys. Thanks for kicking this around. The picture of the jack (first one in the post) looks weird because I made it in CorelDraw. :)


I got it working by looking at the old one and trying to wire it similar. What made all of this difficult, was that my local shop wired my pots very differently from the EMG diagrams, and so I didn't want to wire it back the way they had it. I had to replace the pots and the jack anyway, so this was my big chance to do it by the diagram.


You guys were right, the middle-sized one did go to the battery, and I guess I got the others right because I get sound. Looking at it again, I'm not really sure I knew what I was doing. Just got lucky I guess. :)


Sorry it took so long to get back to this, I've been climbing up and down ladders and roofs painting the house!

A stiffy somewhere in the city sewer system...
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