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How do you test pickups?


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I'm in the process of deciding on a set of J replacement pick ups. How do you test them out? You can't really go into a shop and have them stick pick ups in your bass all day...the shop wouldn't do it.


If they would, I doubt that they have demo models, as they would with amps and basses.


How do you make a decision if you have no opportunity to test the alternatives?


I'm moving towards the DiMarzio model J's as they got a great review in Bass Player..."the Marshall killer". Maybe I'm sick and twisted but I love the idea of stomping all over the guitar player with big J-bass boots.

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When Bass Player did a shootout, they took a bass and modified it to make it easier (relatively) to swap out the pickups. I can't imagine any way to test them. If you have a bass that's popular (Fender P or J for example), you may be able to find someone else that has made the switch and listen to theirs.


Sorry I don't know any other way...the electronics make a difference to how the PUP will sound, so it's hard to compare.




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I don't really know. I think Tom's onto the right track, though, about trying to play the same bass or similar basses that have the p'ups you're considering. That said, it's really a bit of a crap-shoot.


I know that at least DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan give little graphs that give you a sense of how their different models of pickups compare in terms of lows, mids, and highs. That might be a place to start.


For example, DiMarzio charts the Ultra Jazz p'ups as having more high-end than the Model J p'ups. If you want more sizzle, you'd go with the Ultra Jazz, but if you want more mellow smoothness, you'd go with the Model J.


Good luck.



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As you have surmised, testing pickups isn't very practical for the average bass owner.


Fortunately, there's a lot of info out there to help you get it right the first time. That BP review is about as close as anyone will ever get to a comprehensive objective comparison. You could also consult a manufacturer and tell them what you're looking for, and they should be able to suggest their most appropriate model.


Also check out this location:




If you find you're not 100% blown away with your purchase, you can always use it for awhile, sell it (for a loss or maybe even a profit!) then move on to something else. That's what I've done with 90% of the bass gear I've ever owned.

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