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Metallica's "Black Album"


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Every website I have been on states that Jason Newsted used Alembic basses for the recording of the black album. I think this is wrong because on A Year in a Half in the Life of Metallica, a documentary on the recording of the Black Album, it looks like Newsted is playing a black Spector NS practically the whole time, and there is not 1 alembic to be seen (unless the acoustic bass he is playing is an alembic, but I don't think they make acoustics). Are these websites wrong, or is the spector- like bass Newsted was playing actually an Alembic? Does anyone have any to say about this?
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here is a quote from Bass Gear magazine about what Jason used for the black album.


The basses: '81 Spector 4 string, '59 Fender precision on (The Unforgiven).


The Setup: a combination of four different rigs. In Jasons words "I ended up using my Trace Elliot GP11 Preamp with a direct line, SWR SM-400's for lows, original SVT heads and 8X10 cabs for mid-rumble, andold Marshall guitar cabs for mid-highs....the mix was different for each song. On the slow tunes, we mellowed out the bass by adding more of the SWR and SVT; 'The Unforgiven' was mostly SVT with a little direct. For angrier songs like 'Holier Than Thou,' it was pretty much an equal mix of everything blasting with a little extra DI."


Hope this helps the debate on Jasons setup....I just wrote exactly what was in the mag.

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