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"Flats" (strings) on a 6-string bass?


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Anybody have any thoughts on putting "flats" on a 6-stringer? I think I'd like the "low thud" on the low strings, but I'm worring about the high-strings sound, thinking I may just trade one problem for another. If I played 4-string, I'd definately try some flats, but that high-C string worries me.


Ideally I'd fork-out the $60 for a set of TI Jazz flats, but between worring about the string-gauge (large!) on the low-B requiring a nut adjustment, and the shortage of funds, I was hoping I could get some free advice here...

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this may be impractical, but perhaps using flats and rounds at the same time might work


i know i love the feel of flats on low strings, especially for some slides, but the sizzle of rounds makes me hesitant to switch all together


what you could do is get both sets in bulk and then be able to alternate regularly as well as mix and match


just a thought



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I would think that it depends on the type of music you would be playing. If jazz is your game, go for it. Of course, I can play jazz equally well with DR LowRiders (tone knobs at 0, mind you), even though I mostly like to play funk.


It's all up to you...I'd try them out at different places (see if you can get your hands on a 6'er already equipped with flats) and decide from there.

Well, I see greenboy is back, so why the heck not....
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