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Thomastik Infeld: file/widen groove in nut?


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Any Thomastik Infeld "converts" have trouble with the gauge/diameter of the low-B string not fitting in the B-string's groove in the nut? Those TI strings (flats) look great, but the gauge of the low-B looks rather large - I'd hate to have to take a file to my nut...
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I have the 5-string flats on my fretless. I never noticed any trouble with the low B in the nut slot on my Yamaha.


Obviously, I don't know how your nut is slotted, so there's no way to guarentee you'll have an easy go of it.


If you do find that the nut is too narrow, however, I strongly reccomend widening the nut instead of trying to cram the string through. Thomastiks are marvellous, but they tend to unravel pretty easily if their structural integrity gets compromised. Something about the way they're wound and wrapped. I ruined a whole set in about 30 seconds, trying to use the string adaptor for a Steinberger.


Good luck!

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