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How to record multiple instruments at the same time with cubase sx or acid


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Hello people of this mighty forum

kind of a tech question

but is their a way to record a whole band to your computer using sx or acid


so input guitar, bass, 2 vocals , whole drumkit

play away

look 8 separate tracks recorded simutaniously

for my editing eqing compressing redoing pleasur


so what do I need, mixing panel digital input sound card with diffrent inputs??

please tell me

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no one mic recording that sucks good for the jingly jangly kind of band.

me not in such a band

I was thinking something along the lines of a sound card with multiple inputs?

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I use a four input card to record to my PC. They do a range of different multiple input sound cards for home and semi-pro recording.


It can be an expensive and complicated game to get into though! You need to ask yourself if you really need to record all the tracks at the same time? When the band I'm in is demoing stuff we lay down a couple of guide tracks then take turns to lay down the full individual parts on top of it.... it's the joy of digital recording! You can stick down as many tracks as your PC can handle!


Mind we only use this stuff for demos.... unless you really know what you're doing seems better to spend the money on getting somebody to record you who has already learned from making all the mistakes themselves IMHO etc, etc


oh yeah the traditional disclaimer I have no connection with the people who make these cards I'm just a happy customer.....

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