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Advice on fake books for jazz standards?

Travis Harms

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Funny...I'm at a convention and using a JW Pepper internet booth in the exhibit hall. So I asked, and they also carry "The New Real Book."


Jeremy...I remember that transcription, and I had the same problem with that. As I recall, it was Roman Numerals, but the common Arabic numbers used in the Nashville system.


And I reasoned that this system evolved so that old country guys could quickly interpret charts. I've played with a few of the old guys, and they seem to have a tendency to think in a tonic key. Now, I'm quite sure David Hungate, with his UNT degree, is very conversant with secondary tonalities...as are probably all the trained guys.


The old ear players with the marvelous hooks probably do think relative to a single key center, but if you discussed it with them for 2 minutes, you'd know that they do understand they are in a secondary key. I think they group them like "okay, we are in the b3 key for a while," or "now we are in the Key of 5"


I remember having an argument about this one time with an old guitar player. We were playing a chart that used a ii-V progression from Am7 to D7. He kept playing C# on the walkup because "that's how you walkup from A to D" without any understanding of the quality of the chords.


Of course, he never made it to Nashville!

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Jeremyc: I'm of the "Key Change" school of charting as well, probably because that's how my teacher makes me do it. :)


I think the moral of Jeremyc's story is: Learn how to do it both ways, and then you'll never get in trouble!

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Have to admit I think in numbers. But, in my head, I'm fully aware of key changes and/or tonicizations.


If I had to write a number chart though...I'm not sure what would be clearer.


I: V7|||/IV|||/I|||/|||| //E perhaps

bIII/I: ii|||/V7|||/I|||/|||| // to C

iv/bIII/I: III|||/iv|||/i|||/V||| // to A minor


and so on.....


In your head fine. To sight read I don't know.


I'd rather see it in a key and sight transpose.


One opinion.



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