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Rig Budget


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I was looking at getting an Eden 4x10 cab, with an 800 watt head, however no one seems to like their tone, and i cant find anywhere to go try them out. My budget is roughly 2000-2500, so if anyone can suggest a rig along the lines of a 4x10 and 800 watts i'd appreciate it. I'm looking for ridiculously good tone that can vary across a spectrum of music from british rock to funk. I want to get it sometime soon. Any help would be great. I live in LA if anyone lives out here that knows about rigs.
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check out Epifani cabs. if you like the sound of 10's, they make a 4x10 and a 3x10. the 3x10 is really kick ass. all the power of a 4x10 with less weight. the only thing is is a 5.3 ohm cab. so, if you plan to pair it with another cab be sure your amp will drive them both. either cab should leave you with plenty of bones left for a nice head.
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