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(very) Inexpensive Bass recs


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go to www.rondomusic.com and get one of their basses. Best thing ever for the price, LOTS better than Squier and IMO Mexican made Fenders, except the ones made in the last two years. I got a jazz copy for 119 bucks that when set up right ( and YOU WILL have to set it up ) flat out smokes. Tone to the bone.
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I picked up a Dean "Playmate" to plunk on during a recent business trip, and it is really not bad. I paid too much ($185) but later found I could have gotten it on-line for about $120. It set up nicely and has a nice tone.



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The New OLP Basses are suprisingly nice for a beginner bass. I bought my Daughter one and she loves it. Sounds pretty decent too. not too bad for $219.99. Just a thought, I was impressed with it for as little as it cost.
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HUGE mega-thread over at talkbass about the Essex(SX)basses from Rondo music. Everyone loves them, and maybe one complaint is all I've seen negative (he modded the bass and voided the warranty). Even some guys with really nice collections have one. Also, you can email the guy from Rondo directly and you will get a reply.

I wish I'd known about them and bought one for my daughter instead of the Squier that she got.

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