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Genz Benz ML 200


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This looks like one nice combo! I'm looking at the 12" version. It has 200 watts, active EQ, is 50 lbs, & can tilt back. It sounds about perfect for what I need a combo for: it is MUCH more portable than my current rig; the 1x12 will probably be more focused than my 1x15, which makes it very nice for stage-monitoring, as does the tilt-back feature (talked about this on the "small amp + combo" thread); and it has as much power as the Ampeg head I'm using, so I wouldn't have to give up power, & it would do just as well for stage volume as what I've got now, if I need it for that. It's also pretty loaded with features, so it's ready for serious use. And it's under 600 clams!


I've never played a GB, although I know they have a good reputation, & are described as somewhat "hi fi," which is fine with me (I dig clean, smooth, & modern just fine).


Any success or horror stories to share? Think it sounds good for what I want?

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