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Finding harmonies


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Originally posted by Adamixoye:

Well I guess my point was, I think it would help with my playing--if I knew what notes I was singing, at least relative to the notes already on the CD.

If you can sing it, you can play it. You can figure out the notes.


Try playing a harmony along with your bass, playing as you sing.

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I have to give it up to the "play what you sing" thing. I heard Oteil doing this on several albums and was blown away. I gave it a try and while I am not Oteil, by a long shot, I was suprised by how well I could do it, and how quickly I improved at it.

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I vacillate between singing along with the bass part, singing the harmonies already there, and making up new ones. There are songs I've been adding harmony to for years - it's amazing they haven't fixed the recordings to add what I'm doing :freak:


I think it helps with your interval recognition, which in turn helps with bass. I agree that it helps for background singing as well.




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