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exspanding my bassist list!


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If the forum would be kind enough to share a list of the most electrifying bassist they know of please share.I'd like to find more bassist with that Marcus,Stanley Clarke groove thing they have going on.
Pete Combs...
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Eric Coomes from Lettuce. He's groovalicious.


Christian McBride. He's a groovaholic.


James Jamerson (with Motown). He just grooves. A lot.


John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. He was born with pockets as deep as the Pacific Ocean.


John Pattitucci. *Lguk!* :eek:


Jaco Pastorius. He knocked everyone on their ass.

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Of course, those guys are making a bass statement.


What about the groove played where a drummer and bassist just hold hands...but the song is the king? My most influential guys are:


Chuck Rainey: many bands, but start with Steely Dan's "Aja"


John Entwhistle of The WHO. With Kenny Jones, a nice tight package. With Keith MOon...bar the door.


Paul Goddard, Atlanta Rhythm Section. Probably not your kind of music.


Scott LaFaro with the Bill Evans Trio


Paul Chambers with Miles Davis


Timothy B. Schmidt with the Eagles.


Paul Denman with Sade....really tight with drummers by committee.


By the Way, Pete; I'm currently in Bledsoe for the next 3 days. (Leave on July 10)

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Dave, I like your list! Musically, sometimes the most powerful thing is just to sit deep in the mix. Some of the ballads that we play that really turn me on & sometimes even give me chills are ones where bass & drum just play the beat, & focus more on tempo, level, & mood than anything (it helps that the drummer I play with can change the entire emotion of a passage just by how he hits a single cymbal; whereas if you play with a crasher...). You disappear into the lush fabric of the song. I have to keep reminding myself that often when I take this kind of approach, I'm happiest with the results.


One of my all-time faves is Dougie Thomson (Supertramp). He always seemed to know exactly what every song needed at any given moment, & put it in beautifully. Thomson & Siebenberg were one tight rhythm section.


Study what Rainey does on "Aja." Wow. A monster player putting down simple, tasteful, tight grooves that just bring the album to life. A masterpiece.


Some of Jamerson's work is virtuoso improv. But some is also tight, supportive groove. The vamps on songs like "Reach Out I'll Be There," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," "Love is Like an Itching in My Heart," "You Can't Hurry Love," and "Ain't That Peculiar" are brilliant.


Do a search. Threads about favorite bassists, great little-known bassists, must-know bassists, & must-know albums have come up before, let's say. :thu:

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How many coutless times have we drug this out in one way or another. Oh well here's a few more. :D


Larry Graham

Geddy Lee

Bootsy Collins

Sting - Police days

Paul McCartney

Roger Waters


Some of these guys went beyond the bass clef.


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Guys not already mentioned:


Dave Holland -- very nearly anything. Check out how he and Billy Kilson hook up in the Holland quintet and big band; how he meshes with Roy Haynes on Gary Burton's Like Minds and Pat Metheny's Question & Answer.

Miroslav Vitous -- acoustic on Chick Corea's Now He Sings, Now He Sobs and Trio Music. Electric on various Weather Report stuff.

Ray Brown -- anything he touched.

Paul Jackson -- with Mike Clark on Thrust (Herbie Hancock), it is DEADLY.

Ron Carter and Tony Williams on the 60s Blue Note stuff and Miles' 60s records.

Michael Henderson -- on Miles' Agharta, Dark Magus, Tribute To Jack Johnson.



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Ralphe Armstrong with Jean-Luc Ponty.


Anthony Jackson with nearly everybody. Check out the classic "For The Love Of Money" by the O'Jays and the whole album Elegant Gypsy by Al DiMeola for some of his finest.


Chris Squire of Yes, who can play and sing two totally different difficult lines at once. Gives me a different respect for pick players, too.


Steve Lewis of the Tarbabies. Do yourself a favor and find an old SST records release of theirs called Honey Bubble. It is RAW. Lewis is the funkiest white boy you never heard of.

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Jimmy Johnson - long time bassist for Allan Holdsworth during much of the 1980s. Last I heard, he was touring with James Taylor.


Jean-Yves Theriault - Voivod's original "bassblower". Now runs Vkool Communications, a multimedia company. Occasionally plays in the Montreal, Canada area when time permits (I think).


Fredrik Glidenlow - Pain of Salvation's youngest member. His playing touches on so many styles, it's easy to forget that it's prog metal the band's playing. Of course, the band as a whole is quite impressive; sometimes I even forget there's a Dream Theater :)


Doug Wimbish - has played on everything, including early hip hop. Now with Living Colour.


That's about it for now from me.

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7 replies about bassists who groove and no one has mentioned Rocco Prestia yet!?! Blasphemy!!! :D


Rocco Prestia grooves like a big bass monster. His 16th note grooves are just ridiculously in the pocket.. of course it helps when you're playing with David Garibaldi. ;)


Alphonso Johnson is a groovin' mofo as well. "Cucumber Slumber" from Weather Report's 'Mysterious Traveller' is greasy funky.

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Jerry (Jerome) Preston. Played in Maceo Parker's band in the late 90's and on the Funk Overload album. Best live player I've ever heard . . . and he's a nice guy. He's also in the movie, "My Name is Maceo". Check it out if you can find it.
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Stanley clarke (i think no one mentioned him)

Mark egan buy the instructional video with danny gottlieb

alain caron

victor wooten buy a show of hands

i don't remember the name of that guy who played with erikha badu, listen to mama's gun and baduizm live there are some beautiful bass lines

beaver felton & dave criegger if you like tol listen metal bassists too

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Originally posted by tazzola:

Jean-Yves Theriault - Voivod's original "bassblower". Now runs Vkool Communications, a multimedia company. Occasionally plays in the Montreal, Canada area when time permits (I think).

Yeah, Blacky's a great bassist with a unique style. Can't say he's a groover but he's definately got his own thing going.


Also double-second on Paul S Denman.

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