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First time playing live with headphones.


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I just played bass for the first time at my new church, and they don't use stage monitors. Yep, no amp, no monitor, just headphones.


Since they have Roland V drums, the only live sound you get on stage is from the guitar player who uses a mic'd amp, and he's pretty quiet so unless you take off your headset, you may not even hear it.


They give you your own mix in the headset (minus your instrument) and you have control of the over-all volume. Then you have a second volume control for your instrument so you have total control of yourself in the headphone mix. I understand that many places have much more elaborate mixing controls that the player can control, but this worked pretty well since we had ample time to get our mix right.


This made me a little nervous at first since I'm used to my amp sitting behind me, but I got used to it really quickly. Of course my headphones went dead 30 seconds into the worship service, but that was just the power supply coming out of the headphone mixer amp. So, I only panicked for about 10 seconds.


Overall, I think I liked the control of being as loud as I wanted over the mix without effecting anyone else. I did miss the sound of my amp, but I can always tweak the preamp once I get settled into the situation. Also, I may experiment with headphone vs. in-ear monitors just for comfort, but I'll probably figure that out at home since I'm looking into a Cafe Walter headphone amp for practice, and will be purchasing something for my ears too at that time.


So, in conclusion, I had a slightly rough start, but by the time we stopped an hour and 45 minutes later I felt completely at home in my headset and was enjoying the groove. Thought you all might enjoy a little review of my new situation.

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My first experience without an amp behind me was good as well. This happened a few weeks ago at a casino in Laughlin, NV. We used in-ears and had my own mix as well. Wouldn't hesitate to do it again. :thu:



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The only time I worked live with headphones was subbing with a country act on very short notice; they told me that the band was on ears or headphones, so I brought my studio rack (at that time, a Demeter bass pre and a Tube Tech CL-1B along with a 'Mor-Me' box, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. In the interest of expediency, I told the monitor guy to give me the regular bass player's mix, and I put my level where I wanted it with the Mor Me. It's very weird, standing on a stage in front a a few thousand people wearing my Sony 7506's...

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