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When are you qualified to teach bass?


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Just wondering from you guys on the forum who get paid to teach bass or from those of you who have taken lessons for any significant period of time, when does one become "qualified" to take on what I considered to be the enormous responsibility of teaching someone,especially a young kid,to play? I took trombone lessons from the first chair in the Navy band and first chair in the Army band (grew up just outside D.C.) and,needless to say,their qualifications are obvious. For those of you who teach,what do you consider to be kind of a checklist of criteria that one should meet? For those of you who've taken lessons,I'd be curious to hear from the perspective of the student what your experiences have been and what you look for in a teacher.
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I do not teach anyomre and only did for a short period of time.




1.Do you music and chord theory?

2.Can you learn the songs that the kids are probably going to want to learn?

3.Are you patient?

4.Are you organized?

5.Are you comfortable passing students on to someone else if they surpass your ability to expand their minds?

6.Can you communicate abstract information well?


If you got all this, you'd probably be a cool teacher. I lacked #3 and #6. Seems strange that I am now earning a Music Ed degree now, though.

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First and foremost...Do you have an idea?


To be a teacher, you must have a method...


You have to define the problems and organize steps to get there.


Then you go through this loop, where you listen, critique, reinforce good practice, reteach unlearned stuff...with a little something new each time.


Qualified? I'm never quite sure, even with degrees in music ed. My students make me feel enormously qualified one day, and a street bum the next.

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There is a big difference between being a good bass player and a good bass teacher. There are lots of brilliant bass players out there who have no idea on how to actually teach people.


It needs to be a good combination of being proficient in the bass and being a good teacher.

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