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truss and bridge

The Penguin

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Hello, and welcome to the lowdown! You've come to the right place for all your bass questions :D


Adjusting the bridge is not a major thing; Take off your strings to relieve the tension and adjust the saddles. These saddles come in many forms, you may need a screwdriver, allen wrench, or you might just have to twist with your fingers. Give us more info on your bass to give us a better idea of what you're dealing with.


However, truss rod adjustments can be a major deal, and can possibly permanently destroy the neck of your bass if performed wrong. Either at the front of the head stock or where the neck meets the body is where the truss rod 'pocket' is. You'll most likely want to loosen it no more then a few quarter rotations. Now make sure you're using the right tool when your doing this, if you strip the head on the rod you're screwed.


I suggest taking your bass to a local shop and getting it set up professional, and ask to watch them do it so you can get a better idea of how these things work. :thu:

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the bridge adjustment is a good place to start. the overal height of your strings is adjusted there via the saddles. the physics is so simple as to not even warrant the usage of the word "physics." the higher the saddle, the higher the string. remember that you are adjusting them at one side only so if the buzzing is around the first few frets then you have a neck relief problem and that is a truss rod ajustment.


for the truss rod adjustment remember how truss rods work, they bend back against the pressure the strings exert to pull the neck forward. the looser the truss rod the more the headstock will want to go with the strings and bend forward. a little bend of this type is desireable (as you have already figured out). remove the strings and loosen the truss rod (which way is loose? righty tighty, lefty loosey applies here) about an eight of a turn. restring it and allow it a few hours to settle. repeat until the buzz goes away. if there is absolutely no pressure on the adjuster nut to loosen, take it to a professional.

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You can search the issue by keyword: setup in this forums. There are many discussions and links about this for your reference, like Bass Player Archive and Gary Willis website.


Welcome, and try to setup your bass by yourself!

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