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Sound problem and a Rookie


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hi all, i have a problem with my sound and maybe someone can take me out from it.

i use a fender jazz and 2 ashdown compo, but there's too much lows with them, i use a boss equalizer to cut down the lows but there's no big difference, what can i do? :freak::eek:

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DUDE! YOU PLAY BASS!! thats what bass is, if you want to turn down the lows, get a guitar!


just kidding, is it a passive or active fender? if its passive just turn down the bass knob on the amp, if its active turn down the bass on the guitar. by the way, do you mean lows, or are you saying it sounds muddy or unclear.

you can make stumbling blocks, or stepping stones out of the same things, what have you built?
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Godard - welcome :wave:


You don't say how much experience you have. One thing to look at is to be sure that the sub harmonizer is turned down or switched off. If you have it turned low but switched on, you'll be getting an extra octave down low.


Try setting everything on the amp flat (point the bass, middle, and treble knobs up, and put the sliders in the middle). Set your bass so that the tone control is set to treble, and dial in the bridge pickup only. Then take Jeremy's advice and stand back. It may not be the sound you want, but try it. If that's still too much bass (by a lot), then I don't know what to say.


Good Luck



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