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Originally posted by BenLoy:

It's here!




Go buy! Now! I said NOW!!!!



(that was just me squealing like a little girl)


I just ordered it. Seeing as CDBaby is located in Portland, OR... let's see, if it ships tomorrow morning, I'll have it on Thursday and didn't even have to pay the over night charge. Excellent Burns>

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Originally posted by Yogi:

Wow, is it really $42.95 for 2 CDs?




I mean, I'm a fanboy of scads of artists, but I'm trying to think of who I'd be willing to pony up 43 bucks for. Ummmmmmmmmm... :freak:

I have a Jaco problem... as Lizzy sort of pointed out a few rehearsals ago - "What Jaco line is that...?"


I'm seeking help. Really. It's an addiction. Realizing that I have a problem is the first step towards recovery I'm told... ;):D


Really, if the rest of the stuff on here is as cool as "Wiggle Waggle" (available for free download from the official Jaco site) and "Amelia" (on the Punk Jazz compilation), I believe it'll be well worth the $43 price tag.

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Jaco playing "Wiggle Waggle?" Oh boy, I can't wait...


Amelia? The chart I saw in Jaco's bio looks CRAZY!


If you're a Jaco fan, you'll want this. You need it. You've already ordered it and you're biting your nails in anticipation...

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Woohoo!!! its about time. Though I wonder where my "Jaco: The Early Years, is now available" e-mail that I signed up to recieve :confused: Oh well, its out and I just got re-imbursed from the college that I transfered from :D Also on my "jaco-related-to-buy-list" is the Joni Mitchell DVD Darkness & Light (?).

groove, v.

Inflected Form(s): grooved; groov·ing

transitive senses:1a.to make a groove in;1b.to join by a groove;2.to perfect by repeated practice;3.to throw (a pitch) in the groove

intransitive senses:1.to become joined or fitted by a groove;2.to form a groove;3.to enjoy oneself intensely;4.to interact harmoniously

- groov·er noun

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I've had my copy for a few days now and have had time to digest everything on it. Now, it's time for my sort-of biased Jaco freak opinion on the thing (JeremyC has heard some of this, as we had a wonderful breakfast together at 13 Coins here in Seattle this last Sunday). Here it goes.


These CDs are more like a "Behind the Music" than an actual music collection. The audio commentary that is everywhere on them is interesting the first few times, then it sort of gets annoying. I want to hear the playing, not someone talking about the first time they saw Jaco, or their experiences playing with him. The most irritating example of this for me is when Pat Metheny is talking about stuff. You really don't get a chance to hear much of "All The Things You Are" and "Bright Size Life" is ridiculously cut up as well (both live performances that I'd love to hear all of). I really wanted to hear all of both of those songs, and unfortunately you don't. Both are live recordings done (I believe) right after the album Bright Size Life was recorded.


That said, there are some wonderful full tracks on here. "Amelia" and "Wiggle Waggle" are both extremely cool, and you hear Jaco playing what will become some of his signature riffs coming to life. I really enjoyed hearing Zawinul talking about the recording of "Cannonball". For some reason, when he says, "We know you can play..etc.." and now knowing that the second take ever that they took on the song is what Jaco played during the intro just brought a huge smile to my face. What a great choice of notes during the intro. :) "Long Long Day" with the CC Riders is also very fun to listen to as is "Las Olas Farewell"; with Jaco singing the melody line. The version of "Domingo" is also a highlight for me.


All said and done, the price tag is a bit steep for what you get. For the hardcore Jaco freaks (like me), it's worth the price I suppose. I guess I was expecting more music for 2 CDs worth of material.


Still listening, still learning, still inspired to practice more after listening. What an amazing talent. I know the rest of the kids in Yogi & Half Zaftig had to put up with an extraordinary amount of harmonics-induced mania from me tonight because of it. :D


EDIT: For the sheer insanity of it... "Balloon Song" has some absolutely STUPID fast 16th notes grooves in it, some of which I've not heard Jaco repeat in other settings. Ouch.


Must. Go. Practice.

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Turns out my super was holding it for me.


Oooooh, baby, yeah. This is awesome.


The C.C. Riders stuff is just INCREDIBLE!!!


Okay, back to listening...

Tasty, isn't it?


If anything, this CD set has really inspired me to work on some aspects of my playing that I've been neglecting lately. Jaco was such a monsterous frickin' player, even when he was but a wee lad of 17-18 years old. Such an amazing talent.

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The Peter Graves Orchestra shit is just dangerous...must...listen...more.


It's great to hear Jaco's first recorded bass solos with Tommy Strand and his work with the C.C. Riders.


Jaco fans, buy this CD. It's worth every penny.


Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, and Pat Metheny have some very, very good things to say about Jaco and his impact on music.

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