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help a brotha out

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i have a good friend that i just got back in touch with after college. he has a dilemma: stay in nyc with the woman he wants to be the mother of his children or go to buffalo where he knows he can pay the bills as a musician.


now the obvious solution to the problem is to find work as a musician in nyc, but what is the best way to start finding paying work here? someone must know...

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I'd say follow the money, but that's only because I've yet to meet a woman who was both 1) Interested in me and 2) trustworthy. Hell, I have trouble even finding a woman that meets one of those categories.


But that's just me. If your buddy thinks this woman is all that and more, though, maybe he should stick with her.

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What about the option of him going to Buffalo and working and then having her come there? At least he could try it for a short while and see how it pans out. If this is the woman that he wants to be the mother of his children, hopefully she feels the same about him and would be willing to relocate if it means steady work for him.


And as far as staying because another good woman may not come along.....


How good is a woman who would not support the man she loves in his passion or career?


Just a thought.



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If he wants to make as much money as he can, I have two words for him: club dates (aka: weddings bar mitzvas, and private functions).


I don't currently do club dates, but I've known a few guys in town who do, and kind of know what needs to be done (Jeremy and Wally, feel free to add your monstrous 2 cents to my comments here):


He should join Local 802 and get a list of club date offices. Then he should put together an info package (much like a press kit) consisting of a photo, relevant experience, and a CD or tape with playing examples of him playing selected club date tunes. He should mail it out, do follow-up calls, etc.


What are club date tunes? Practically anything that people from NY, New Jersey, or Long Island would want played at a wedding. Stuff like:


Disco Inferno

I'm Having the Time of My Life

Smooth Operator

The entire Motown catalog

Selected Beatles

Lots of Frank Sinatra

Conga! (the cheezy 80's tune)

1-2-3-4 ("come on baby keep on counting...")

Lots of Rolling Stones

Lots of traditional Jewish songs ("Havah Nagilah, etc.) (sic)

Mony Mony

Stomp (the Brothers Johnson)

Common Jazz standards for the cocktail hour (Take Five, The Girl from Ipamena, etc)

Hot Hot Hot


Etc, etc, etc...


Basically, the upshot is he needs to be a walking cross-section of pop music from the last 150 years. And he should be able to fake tunes well. The leader won't wait to tell him what the chords are.


He also should have a car. And be absolutely reliable no matter what the weather or traffic is like.


I have a day job which has so far made it easier to stick with singer-songriter paying work, sessions, and original bands...but I've been considering going this route as well...but the sheer reperatoire buildup required is probably the biggest challenge for me, even though I know a lot of tunes from playing in cover bands. That and getting a car.


What instrument does your friend play?

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