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What's the ultimate bass amp combo...


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Hi JDL,the selection of equipment available in my town is limited so I do not have the opportunity to try out a wide variety of amplifiers. So I don't know about "the ultimate". However, I recently bought an Ampeg BA115HP. It has many good features such as built in tuner and DI line out to name a few. Its controls are simple and there are a variety of tones available. It doesn't seem to get very loud for a 200 watt amplifier but I think it is good enough for rehearsals and most of the small venues which are common around here. I also have to admit that I have always wanted to own an Ampeg amplifier ( visions of SVTs dance through my head! :cool: )I paid about $600 for it and I am glad to have it.I expect to get many years of service from it.

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I haven't played them all by any means. I do like SWR very much. I have a Working Man's 10 that does so many things for me. You can't play a big room with a big band, but I use mine for rehearsals all the time.


I also have used it as my amp in little 4 piece combos for restaurant/coffee house type gigs. It handles my low B amazingly well.


It's 80 watts into a 10" with a horn. Aural Enhansor, Bass, Mid, Treble. DI out, tuner out. Everything you need. Weighs about 40 lbs. I highly recommend them.

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I haven't used it personally, but I hear Euphonic Audio's combos are pretty awesome. Mainly for their flat "or as close to flat) responce curve and mighty sound from a small package. The only combo I played on were the ones in my high school. (Up until high school, I only practiced on a reel-to-reel :) Tubes are great!!!) And even those were Harke 2115(I think that model is right) Decent combos, still working after the abusiveness of the kids there (I heard a tale of someone leaving a Fender Jazz just sitting on the floor of a bus :o ... needless to say I cried).

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Check out the Nemesis NC-210P; 225 watt amp, standard features, and (2) 10" speakers with a horn. VERY loud, good sounding amp. And, it's only 47 lbs. This is the biggest secret in modestly priced combo-amplifiers for under $600 new. Imagine, a 210 combo amplifier that weighs less than the average 210 cabinet!


I love the SWR Super Redhead, but it weighs too much. I'm not wimpy, just lazy.


Maury Spadoto

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Boy, there's a lot of amps for different purposes.


I use that Gallien Krueger MBE 150, and the Acoustic Image Contra. And the Eden Nemesis 2x10...which I agree is a bargain. Some of the Ashdown amps are probably bargains too.


I have heard about the EA combos are prone to blowing speakers mid-gig...that can't be good. I really thought I'd like one.


You can't say ultimate. I have 3, all maximized for specific needs of my playing.


Everything involves trade-offs. Always.

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My Carvin r1000 on in combination with my avatar 4x10 and my 1x18.. now thats a combo...

but seriously, for a combo, the ones that I liked the best in my search for 'the amp' were the SWR combo's (any model but especially the super redhead)and the funky peavey with the effects, the BAM 2x10, with the fender 400 a close third.

but an ideal combo is small enough to pack around but powerful enough to do the job... and my r1000 and 4x10 cab are not all that much bigger than the fender 400... so...?



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