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Ampeg V4 head good for bass?


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I was under the impression that v 4 heads were for guitar, can they be used for bass or am I all whacked out and they are actually bass heads??? A local pawn shop has one for cheap that cosmetically looks like hell but for the price might be worth rebuilding. I am a electronics tech with 20 years experience so no matter whats wrong with it if anything I can restore it. But I didnt take it seriously becuase I took it to be a guitar head. I thought V 4B heads were the bass heads, but maybe the B just means a later rev????? Let me know pse. :D


It's a magnavox ampeg, very beat up, crapped out tolex, 4 6L6's. If you guys tell me it's a bass head I'll go back in the morning and try it and see if it plays. The place wants 100 bucks for it. :D

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I have an old early 70's V4 like the ebay amp and it works great on bass. The V4B was indeed touted as their "bass" head. But the differences are only minor. The V4 has reverb, the V4B does not. The V4B has a couple of differences in the tone circuitry, but they are IMHO not critical. The power amp and the preamp section are the same (with the exception of the aforementioned reverb and tone tweaks).


I just turn the reverb all the way down, Then I turn the MID selector switch to its lowest setting of 300 Hz (adjusts the center point of the MID control knob). Add a litle mid and bass, and hang on.


Be forewarned: Although these amps are built like tanks, it will probably need a cap job. The ancient electrolytic filter caps may be heading south. Mine also had a coupling cap that would crap out once the amp heated up. I replaced all this myself for little $ but an amp repair shop may charge alot. (One of the multi-section caps is hard to find but is available now brand new from Antique Radio Supply).


The V4 has plenty of power for small gigs but will run out of oomph if you're competing with a fully-cranked Marshall stack. That is, if your playing bass through it. Play guitar through it and I've heard it will blow the Marshall off the stage!!


But the V4 has great tone, at least mine does with new tubes and caps. But it's so dadgum heavy I usually don't gig with it anymore since I have lighter, louder alternatives. Yet if I wanted the absolute most awesome tone, the V4 (or V4B) works. And I can always boost the power out, either thru the PA or with a power amp out of the V4's EXT AMP jack.


So, after a lengthy post, if the price stays right, go for it. Just remember it's heavy.

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