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Stolen gear - Australia


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The following gear was nicked from a friend of a friend. Keep an eye out.


On Friday 16th May, 2003 my place was broken into in Bondi and two bass guitars were stolen.


One is a 1982 Rickenbacker 4003 model. It is an autumn glow (red yellow) and is in quite good condition. The serial number is VD-905. It was in an original brown Rickenbacker case with a woolly lining. The case is covered in crap pictures of Britney Spears, and other girls wearing red (strange previous owner).


The other Bass is a Tune. It is totally black with a bronze nut at the head stock. It has a slight dent near the input socket and a bit of scratching on the back. The Tune logo is a gold T in an almost solid circle which is on the head stock. I have not seen another bass like this around so it will definitely stand out.


I'm willing to offer a reward for their return as they both hold very sentimental value.


Any info, please contact me at adrian@cherubpictures.com.au or on 0412 746 203





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Sorry to hear about it man. Will keep an eye out for it in local shops up here.


How are other things going dave? How is married life treaten ya?


E-mail me yer address and i'll send you a copy of bands new album.

Providence over serendipity any day.
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