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Tuning drums


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My drummer told me he was thinking about getting a pitch pipe to tune his drums from musicians friend, but wasn't sure if he should get the "Key of C", or "Key of F". They are both chromatic, so I'm assuming they all have the same notes, just different ranges. Anybody know what to recommend? He usually plays a 5-piece, and we tune down to C#.


And just so I know, how is a basic rock drum kit (kick, snare, 3 toms) tuned? In fifths? My drummer had no clue, "A fifth of what?" ;)


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I remember something about this way back - try the drum forum. I don't think my drummer tunes his kit (though he has the musical knowledge to do so). I think he tightens up until it sounds "right". One thing he uses is the drum key with built in torque wrench to get the head even all around.




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There was a topic on this a while back, at least on the bass drum. I think the answer was that you tune the bass drum to the most common note--C#, in your case? I don't know about the rest of the set.


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