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Help!!! Which amp!!


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Can anyone help me. I'm just getting back into playing again and I just don't know which amp to go for.. I play a Fender Jazz and really want to play Funk, slap style as well as have an amp that can do other sounds.


I want an amp that's going to be loud enough to comfortably play a venue of say 150 people and as good a quality / reliabilty as my budget allows.

Prefer seperates rather than a combo..

What's the opinion out there of Hartke, SWR workingman, Trace Elliott?!?!


Any others I should be looking out for?


Any and all help would be really appreciated. You can mail me on mr_mooreuk@yahoo.co.uk





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Welcome Davey,


I must admit, at first I thought you were "Dave yuk", and that you would be a real comedian. Then I realized you are "Davey UK"....my bad.


Take some time to stroll through the titles of threads, and you'll see a number of them on amplifiers. There is a wealth of knowledge in those posts. Also search on each of the manufacturers that you mentioned. You'll see lots on SWR since Fender just acquired them.


While I have no Trace Elliot experience, they are uniformly trampled nowadays (though they were respected in ancient times). Add Ashdown to your list, especially since you are in the UK.


Welcome :wave:




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Hello Dave, You may find the Bass Gear Review Archive helpful (bgra.com) and Harmony Central has a lot of reviews as well (harmonycentral.com) I know that some of the other folks here have suggested some other review sites as well. However, no matter how many reviews you read you need to go to the store and play through everything you can (fun!). I noticed that you stated a preference for seperate componets but many of the new combos are really impressive and, considering the size of most clubs these days, might be worth listening to. I just purchased an Ampeg BA115HP combo (1x15+ tweeter 200watts)and am very pleased with the range of sounds it has. Plus there's much to be said for portability. Good luck with your search, keep us informed.

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eden makes the wt 550 now, it features ample power and portability. On that note epiphani now makes a very light 410 with neodium magnets. Swr is always a good choice also u could use two 210s, one on each side of the stage with the 550x to get a nice sound el whappo also remains valid.
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