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Info needed for envelope filter / auto wah site


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I'm working on a site about envelope filters / auto wahs:



Does anyone know envelope filters that are not yet in that list?

(only stomp boxes, no racks, multi-fx,...)


Or does anyone have anything to add to one of the effects?

(more information, corrections, better pictures, scans of manuals, scans of schematics, pictures of the inside of the effect,...)



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yep...pretty extensive...except I could not help but notice the abscence of the Roger Linn Adrenalinn and Line 6 FM4. altho both units are not "just" envelope filters, that effect it part of their design.

Personally I love the Adrenalinn....


......and what about the Electrix Filter Queen and Filter Factory, Sherman Filterbank, Waldorf 4 pole? All outstanding filter units (in fact, much more comprhensive in their filtering layout than all the stomp boxes on the list....



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When I add these other filters, someone will ask why filter modules for modular synths are not included :)


I'll probably add multi-effects, other filter effects,... later, but to start I just wanted a good list of the stomp boxes, I had to draw a line somewhere :)


I already mailed with Herman from Sherman about it :) . (he lives nearby btw)

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wow! I didn't realize there where so many! The only ones I could think of where the multieffects boxes and you say you'll get to those later. I look forward to seeing your completed project!

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