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Cripes Jeremy, ease up already. You weren't born reading music either.


I don't work with tab much but last week I used it to teach some chords to a 9-year old kid, who only spoke a little English. It's amazing what a picture can teach, and there's nothing to say that he won't learn to read later on.


Try this link:


Link to Jaco Tabs


oops - re-read the question and realized you didn't want Donna Lee, but wanted Spain. Best I can do is this:


Sheet Music retailer

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Music Man, if he had asked for tab for Blink 182 or Linkin Park, I would have just ignored it, but Spain?


It's a serious jazz tune that every jazz bassist should learn at some point, either by ear or by reading it.


I'll repeat my point: jazz players do not use tab.


Yes, I draw pictures for my students of where their fingers should go to play various chords, like this:



After that, they play from chord names. And then we start working on reading.

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Originally posted by benelson:

Can anyone tell me where I can download the bass tab for Chick Corea's Spain? I would love to learn that song.





You would be better off trying to find a real book, man. Seriously. Jazz standards don't exactly lend themselves to the whole TaB thing.

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Can you imagine a tabbed-out chord chart?



It would probably look something like this:







...and the person attempting to do the tab would be trying to work out what exactly a chord chart was in the first place. :D

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