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Saw Peter Gabriel last night


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WOW. What a great show. David Rhodes on guitar,another guy who played electric and acoustic guitar,mandolin,various flute type instruments,Rachel Z on keys, don't remember the drummer's name(wasn't Manu)...Jed something,I believe,and Peter's daughter Melanie singing the female leads. Some big,tall,bald guy,with two really long fingers on bass sounded ok but I wouldn't go so far as to say he was the greatest bassplayer in the universe or anything,probably just in this galaxy ;) Opening act was a band from Uzbekestan called Savare(sp?) fronted by a female singer of the same name. Couldn't take my eyes off her. Beautiful,sensuous,the voice of the Cosmos,and in a zone of pure joy when she sings.


P.S. Yes I know it was Tony Levin. I'm trying to be clever.

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Originally posted by M o n t i e u X:

Wasn' t Tony Levin on the Bass... tall, bald... :confused:

It was humor. Tee-hee.


I really, really wish I would have seen Mr. Gabriel when he came to Seattle. I did get to hear Tony Levin being introduced as 'the Lord of the Underworld' by Peter Gabriel and then the first 60 seconds or so of 'Solsbury Hill'. My evil bastard of a friend called me on his cell phone and just held it up so I could hear what was going on.

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Caught his last tour with Paula Cole singing the female vocals. Very powerful, fun show. Peter is up there with Trent Resnor and Danny Elfman when it comes to arranging genius.

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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I have to put this show on my "must see" list. Levin kills me. So many times he switches from driving the rhythm to playing the melody in and out during the same song. After weeks of playing along, I still can't stop being blown away by "Fallen" (Sarah McLachlan).


What songs did they play?




Acoustic Color


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Well, the Growing Up Tour covered parts of the last three years, the Americas and Europe, and consisted of many different set lists.


Some of the mainstays were:


Here Comes The Flood


Red Rain

Secret World

Growing Up

Digging in the Dirt


Games Without Frontiers

The Tower That Ate People

Downside Up

More Than This

Solsbury Hill

Burn You Up, Burn You Down

Signal to Noise

In Your Eyes

Father, Son


White Ashes and Baby Man are relatively new songs that were added for the European dates this year.


At various dates, Biko, Shock the Monkey, That Voice Again and San Jacinto were also played at various times.


There is an excellent DVD called 'Growing Up Live' which was filmed in Italy in 2002. However, it might be best to wait, as there is a new release coming (possibly soon), which will include footage shot this summer.


Yeah, I'm a PG fan. What was your first clue? Heh. :cool:

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