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Goliath 4x10 with SVT?


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I've got a 70's vintage SVT and I'm thinking about replacing my Yamaha 6x10 speaker cabinet with one of these Goliaths. Whaddya think? How will it sound with my 1980 Steinberger or my '60 P Bass? Do I get the 4 ohm or the 8 ohm cabinet? Will it fit in the back seat of my Ford Taurus (the 6x10 sure doesn't)? Thanks.



Steve Chall



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I've never tried that combo of stuff myself but it might sound real good. with the more modern and clear tone of the SWR and the classic ampeg tone of the SVT. the SWR cab will definetly fit in the back of your taurus, the goliath is one of the more compact 4X10 cabs. I would take the SVT with you too a store that sells the Golith and hook it all up and see how it sounds. most shops will be fine with you doing that. and while you are there just try a bunch of different cabs, even take one out and put it in the back seat of your car to see how it fits. if you are serious about buying it shops will work with you on that stuff and if they don't get it elsewhere.
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