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Why the big rig?

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Originally posted by earljam:

jeremy- Interesting what you said about stacks. I use 2 1x15 cabinets and need to stand well in front of them to hear myself- it's like there's a dead spot in front of them and then the sound blooms farther out. This is confusing to me because bass information is supposed to be omnidirectional and I have been told that bass volume drops off quickly with distance. What I am experiencing seems to be the opposite.


selecter- no flame wars on this forum please, I hate having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. just kidding. but seriously, your initial post with the duh statement comes off as very patronizing. sometimes print does that. I know that my own scintillating and rapier-like wit is much better appreciated live. Listen and learn.

Well, duh. If you stick around long enough and read before ya type, you won't have to ask such silly Qs.

"The world will still be turning when you've gone." - Black Sabbath


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Originally posted by 46&2:

The smaller PA would have been fine., I don't think there's much point in using two dual 15' mains for a <150 crowd.

Pfffft! How about my band leader who insists on using dual 15 mains AND dual 15 subs for crowds of less than 100!! Talk about overkill but I can't tell him anything. My 30 years exp. means nothing to his 5-6 years gigging exp.!
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Originally posted by music-man:

I find the backlines in most of the Greenwich Village clubs (and the Brooklyn, East Village and Midtown clubs too) are at least a 4x10 and a head that runs at minimum 300W.(Check out that monster at the Elbow Room).

Hah! I played there a couple of times about 5 years ago. Is that old beatup rig still in there? I remember one channel didn't work.
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Originally posted by Edendude:

As a continuation of this thread, I'd like to hear how many guys have big rigs but will confess to seldom using them.




I'll be the first to confess...


I have only ever used my 2x10/4x10 stack in a gig situation twice, ever!


My GK 1001RB and my 4x10 are always more than enough for even medium-size clubs without me going through the mains. I can easily drown out the entire band with this rig, so the stack is just plain never justified, except for huge rooms and outdoor gigs.


My Eden 2x10 and WT300 head are generally used for studio work, practice, and acoustic gigs.

I use my 2x10/1x15/500w rig on outdoor or large rooms but I make an effort to keep the volume down. The problem with my band is the 2 guitarists who seem not to be able to hear themselves but everyone else can hear that they are very loud! I've been using a 2x10/300w setup of late. 2 reason.....we don't need to be that loud and I'm gonna do my damnest to make it happen and secondly, I'm trying to save my frikkin' back! In fact, I'm in the process of downsizing. Gonna get rid of the 1x15 and replace it with a 1x12 and if I like the way it sounds, I may get another 1x12 and can the 2x10.
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My little rig:




My big rig (with only one of the cabs--I've got two of them):




There has hardly ever been a PA for me to plug into in my 40 year career.


Once I played at Shoreline Ampitheatre (just south of San Francisco)(one of those places where the big touring acts play) with no amp at all. The sound was awesome and could be heard several miles away. And something was screwed up with the monitor mix and we couldn't hear one of the keyboard players on stage at all.


And that was using our own sound guys.


My philosophy is:

Always have an amp on stage no matter what they say. Then at least you can guarantee that you will be able to hear yourself.


And the corollary is:

No matter how quietly you play at a wedding, someone will complain.

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