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Comfort Strapp


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Does anyone own one? I saw an ad online on this strap and noticed it's length range is from 38-45". I am only 6'1" and my current strap is 53" and my bass is at a normal position,not hanging low on my body. Can anyone set me straight on this? I am hoping to hear from a moderator, I think one of them sells them, like Tom or Bob. How much are these? My existing strap was purchased in 1976, and it's time I think about replacing it. Thanks to all...
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I own an extra long, adjustable 42"-54". Great strap, in fact, I recently inquired with the mfr. about becoming a dealer, since I don't see them around like I should. I want another for myself, too. ;) They go for around $33 I believe. Maybe I'll order some next week.

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