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New rig coming!


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I'm getting a new rig! It's in the mail! Here I go again. I made a list the other night. This will be my 22nd speaker cabinet and 18th amplifier in 25 years. Some may think I'm "regressing" a bit with my choice of the new Eden WT550. I had an Aguilar single space preamp (I can never remember their model numbers),nice tone but could never dial in my sound,I have a Demeter HBP1 preamp,nice hifi tube tone but too presency for me,again couldn't dial in my sound. I've had 4 other Eden heads over the years and I set the EQ flat,plug in and I get what I consider great bass tone. I make MINOR adjustments to the EQ and there it is MY SOUND. It's small and easy to carry. I also have an Epifani Ultralight 310 cab coming. I had been using a Demeter BSC310 cab which is definitely nice but doesn't have the pitch focus and definition of the Epifani(which is also 15 lbs lighter). So my Demeter pre,QSC PLX2402,Furman power conditioner/tuner are going on ebay (already sold the Demeter cab to a buddy of mine). I know that this will be the last rig I ever own.....yeah...I KNOW it...this is it...I promise..........help...me...............
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Sounds pretty good to me.


I dunno...for workaday basses like me, I just hope something comes outta the speakers when I plug in.


As an added bonus, the smaller the better....which is why I still want to get into that EA combo.


Still...it's hard to imagine, after all the gear you've had over the years...you still get so 'cited! :D My tribute to you...you've kept the quest for that perfect tone alive.

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Ya' know, I was trying to hold off from posting on this thread for two reasons, huma-baby:


1. I hear that the new BP has a review of the WT-550 (which I was eyeballing on-line), and mine has yet to arrive in the mail yet ( :mad: ), and I wanted to read the review first so I could say something fakely knowledgeable about the product! :eek::rolleyes:


2. I also thought I'd wait for you post about actually getting the gear to really cut loose on your behalf!


That said, rock on and rock hard. Sounds like it'll be a great rig. Some of my rig dreams include Epifani UL cabs...



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