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Tom Barney's ESP


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I just wondering that is the ESP bass that Tom Barney is one of a kind only? I do not see it mass-produced. I went to www.espguitars.com and cannot find it either.


Anyone knows the details of his equipment?

I am also curious about Gaslighting Abbie. Is he playing this bass or a Stingray like mentioned in other thread. Could somebody has the Two Against Nature video help?

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I want to say that he also uses the Stingray on "Gaslighting Abby." I'll have to check the video to be sure...but I do know that in the rehearsal footage that's what he's using on that tune. Helpful, I know.


Yeah, what's up with that ESP?

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I think I found it for ya.

It's amazing what you can find on google.

I think this is someone selling a similar model to Tom Barney's. It looks like the model comes from the ESP custom shop.




There is a back issue of Bass Player Magazine (Oct 2000) that has an interview with Tom Barney concerning the Steely Dan tour.

They are usually good about mentioning equipment in their articles. Maybe it's worth checking out. I haven't read it.


Hope this helps.

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