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Dumb question but Im wonderin?????


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I have a old acoustic b210 bass amp head. But i dont have a cab. I have a ampeg bass amp series 115. Its a combo amp. Im not to satisfied with the ability to change the sound. The preamp has a graphic eq, somethin the amp doesnt. Is there anyway i can use the amp head through the combo to control the sound more?

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Well, I'm thinking out loud...


If the head has a line out, and the combo has a power amp in, it would work....except....


Since the head had no load it would soon fry.


The only other way is to stack the head on top of the combo, and find a way to use ONLY the speaker part of the combo...not very elegant, I'm afraid.

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If it is a solid state head (and if it is an Acoustic, it must be) you can run it without a speaker connected without any fear of damage.


It's only tube amps that require a load.


I specifically asked Steve Rabe if I could run my SWR head with no speakers and he said yes.


90% of the time this stereo amp only has one side connected to a speaker.


I did the same thing years ago when I had a Crown microtech amp.

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I have an Acoustic B320 and I run it DI to the PA all the time with no speaker attached... (I did until I got my Carvin, anyways,) and it works just fine. As was suggested earlier, if the Combo has a line in you're fine.

Or if you have a little bit of soldering skill you can rig it so you can use the speaker as an external cab.


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Umm you could always jimmy rig it by taken the head off of the combo and splicing up the speaker but i am not wure if it would blow


or you could go get old speakers with 12" subs in them at the thrift store, a soldering iron, wood to build a cab you might need to get a tool in which you can cut circles for the speakers, STERO in put jacks, speaker cable that is two seperate wires not just one. Carpet to cover the cab. IF IAM MISSING SOMETHING SOMEONE ADD IT IN!!


once you have the materials i am sure you can find instructions on how to Solder corectly online i wish i had step by step instructions oh and this should be a pretty cheap project to it may not sound the best but it will work allright !!!


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HEY IT is also important that you take note of the watage on the subs that you get if you do what i said so if your head is 400 watts find 4 12" subs at 120 watts a piece and hook them togther properly you always want to try to have a few more watts than your head will over power


the hole project shouldnt cost more than $80 which is alot better than a min $400

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If you know how the head sounds and you're satisfied with it, and you aren't satisifed with the amp... why not sell it or trade it and get a cab for the head instead? Just thinking out loud.

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