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Bass forum or not


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I normally get on here once a day, and I look at all the topics that are useful and helpful to me ,or to just post an opinion about something else, but when I got on here today and I see thateverybody is just posting up shit about new music or whatever else can be posted. I thought this was a bass forum for bassist to get on here and discuss bass and other related topics, and IM seeing less. Let's not flood the forum with non bass topics becuase there are bassist that get on here for knoledge and support.
Pete Combs...
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The art of playing the bass is far more than simply picking up a big piece of wood with some metal wires attached and molesting it while amplifying the sound with some really big magnets and a lot of electricity.


A bass player invovles him/herself in every facet of the music, from the smallest knob on the rarest amplifier, to the 1/64th inch differences in string action between similar models of instrument, to safety precautions in hauling gear, to the tastefulness of using Dorian mode soloing over minor seventh chords, to the local music scene in Flatley, Nebraska.


Soak it all in, and be appreciative for what you do have here.

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It's easy to complain about the topics on the board.


God knows I do.


But this is a discussion group, not a "resource" for you to get information.


You're right, there's not a lot of resources here for me either, except from a few intelligent, literate posters.


I do enjoy the conversation and have made many friends.


If you contribute, other than asking questions or making statements, it will help the situation immensely.

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As usual, there's only one answer, Pete.


If you don't like the topics posted, post your own comments/questions. I think you'll find that questions rarely go unanswered. And if they do, it's because no one has pertinent information. Frankly, the Low Down Lowdown is hardly the open mic the SSS is, and that suits me fine. Craig opened his forum up to OT posts for much the same reasoning ClarkW posted here. He lets it go to extremes. I rarely, if ever, see that here at the Lowdown.

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I'd just like to add, as someone who visits here 4-5 times per day, but rarely posts, that information is in the eye of the beholder. From all of the "music sucks" posts, you get intelligent suggestions for non-mainstream music that one might have overlooked. For all of the random, offtopic posts (the banjo one comes to mind), there can be ideas that germinate. I was at a Daddy's Junky Music store last week and was inspired to pick up a banjo, and spent about 20 minutes playing around with it. Maybe I'll get one, if only to play something very different (and get some fingerpicking practice).


ClarkW put it perfectly, in my mind. Being a musician is a very involved thing, but it's also very personal. I personally love to read someone gushing over their new bass and how it feels perfect to them. It gives me more fuel to find my perfect instrument. I like hearing the nitty gritty technical questions because it's all greek to me, but I still want to learn it. And everyone has posted redundant threads that pissed people off, especially recently, but that doesn't mean the mods delete them. This is a unique forum with a core of people who supply all of what they know to those who want to learn, and that applies to all facets of bass playing, and if you don't want to hear about all of that, fine, don't read the posts.


I like it here. I think I'm gonna stick around for a while.

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Originally posted by squeennyzim:

I like it here. I think I'm gonna stick around for a while.

Good! I've found that this is the best bass forum on the internet. There are very few people that post that are... lacking.. so to speak. Normally, the posts, be them on or off topic, have some sort of relevance to the bass/music world and I very much enjoy reading them and contributing. The super-clutter of the other forums tends to be the "who's better X or Y" or the "I need tabz for the new " stuff. I like this forum. I like most of the people that post here and I have become pretty good friends with a lot of these fine people. Let's all do our best to keep it a great place for people, both beginner to pro, to come to and hang out.


Feelin' the love,


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What squeennyzim said!


And Pete, if you think the signal/noise ratio is too high at the moment, why not use the time to search for some of the old threads? Pick some key words and see what comes up.


For instance, there have been some excellent chord and scale theory threads with a mass of superb insight and information freely given by the likes of Jeremy, Dave Brown, Dan South and others.


Look at this Theory Lessons thread for one example.


This is essential, it's gold dust, it's the fruits of many (combined!) years of playing and teaching - and we have it here for free.



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I'd have to say I think this is good forum myself. I've found that people do help out when you have questions about stuff that is kinda hard to find answers and opinions for elsewhere.

There are some very experienced players here and there knowledge is very useful when given.

Also, some of topics aren't directly related to the instrument, but, more towards the experiences of playing shows, road trips and just the life of being a bass player. Its good to hear other peoples stories on being the low end, and what gear they've used, and just 'off the wall' stuff.

I for one like it here.

Plus, it keeps me busy at work. :D



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Being a musician is a frame of mind and a way of life. It is more than simply spankin' the plank, although that's much of it. Gotta keep your head correct, too.

"I had to have something, and it wasn't there. I couldn't go down the street and buy it, so I built it."


Les Paul

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Yep, like the others say, post yourself and ask the questions you are looking to

answers for. Most likely someone has thought about it too and you can

benefit from their experience.

Use the search function. There is a lot of information there.

My only beef about the forum is threads that really drift off topic.

The "funky enough" thread started off discussing funky bassists and drifted into

a discussion about religion.

It would be great if when a thread would start to drift like that, someone would say

"ok, let's start a new thread where we will discuss this". Otherwise, someone

looking for answers to the original thread have to sift through a lot of stuff IMO.

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I thoroughly enjoy this forum.


I know I can come here to get answers to questions that come up in my bass-playing/musician/music fan life.


I know I can come here for a laugh.


And as Jeremy said, and he and I agree quite often ;) , I enjoy the conversation and have made many friends here. It has been a pleasure to meet a couple of folks in person and I look forward to meeting more in my future travels.





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