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Found something of interest....cabinet modification


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I have a Peavey 4x10, with the center adjustable tweeter, but am researching buying a couple of 2x10's (the 4x10 is a bitch to haul around anymore...must be my age.. :)


Anyway, I found a site that has reviews for most any cab. As a test, I read the reviews on my current cabinet first. One reviewer suggested a modification by bypassing the inductor on the L-pad attenuator. Here's a copy of the text:


If you read the other reviews you will find that most find these cabinets to be to "high fidelity" or plenty high end, excellent low end, but no mids. Well, I got into this cabinet cheap, so I wasn't afraid to experiment. I took the crossover / jack plate out of the cabinet and bypassed the inductor coil (in series with the tens to filter out the highs) of the crossover. I left the capacitor in place to keep lows out of the tweeter. This brought a drastic change to the cabinet. It allows the tens to operate a full range which gives them a full midrange voice, but they keep the bottom end just fine. If you play funk and do a lot of slapping, leave the cabinet "as is" and it will take care of the midrange without drastic EQ'ing. If you play more classic rock, blues, and a bit of jazz like I do, the inductor bypass is an easy task, and it will not harm the tens to operate at full range (mine have been fine for about 2 years of regular gigging. CAUTION: Make darn sure you don't bypass the capacitor in the circuit with the tweeter, or you'll blow the tweeter almost instantly with the first full note. There is no need to have any low frequencies going to the tweeter, it won't sound good and it won't live long.
I'm gonna do this mod within the next couple of days, just to check the difference, and will let ya know the results.


My guess is this mod will apply to any L-pad attenuator network, if your cab has one. So if you've got some knowledge, and a little bit of experimenter in you, you may be able to change your cabinet to a more full range system.


If it works, a person could wire in a bypass switch and mount it on the cab somewhere.


Anyway, thought this might be of interest to some of you.


Here's the site, if you're looking for another review site for future cab purchases. Cab reviews.

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