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Ashdown amp for stonerrock


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ok, my question is: would a Ashdown be a great stonerrock amp?


I listened to a Ashdown in a store and it has a nice warm sound that I like, but I dont know if it can give a "stoner-sound". Anyone that has any insight on this. Thanks.

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Labels like "stonerrock" are usually not specific enough (though the term "reggae" seems to be clear).


What do you want it to sound like? (good highs? woofy lows? strong "barky" mids?)

More importantly, if you liked the Ashdown, what more do you need to know?




Acoustic Color


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You probably want an Ampeg SVT something or other or an Orange amp for good stoner tones. I think Green also makes something for bass.


Also, check out Z.Vex effects' "Wooly Mammoth" pedal for the craziest stoner fuzz bass sound ever.



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