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Fender buying out SWR


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Whats everyone's views on Fender buying out SWR...


To me buy outs rarely go well... look what happened to Trace Elliot...

SWR ahve a loyal customer base and there are a lot of pissed off people.

I'm just happy I got a pre-fender SWR amp.


If anyone wants more info on this, it's all over the SWR forum... http://pub199.ezboard.com/fswrmusiciansforumfrm2

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Our music store sells SWR and we found out via a post on this forum. :eek: Very sad indeed. :( Not SWR or Fender told us. The products are staying the same, just being "repped" by a created division of Fender.


On another note, Trace Elliot was bought out by Gibson. ANYTHING that Gibson touches goes down the hole. Opcode, Slingerland, Pearl(not bad, but shifty dealings from within), Trace Elliot, Baldwin....

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If this is true. this better not be one of those mergers that causes a company to lose quality! I like that fact that they specialize in bass equipment, and doesnt dabble in lots of fodder!
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